Sleeping Tips and Steps to a Better Sleep

Sleeping has always been a struggle for the longest time because I either get too excited or stressed, and either one is good for a restful sleep. Over time, I’ve developed a whole bunch of strategies to help me sleep better. I know that if I don’t sleep very well, I can barely function the next day, and I get dizzy, nauseous and forgetful. I really hope these tips can help you have a better night sleep as well!

Sleeping Tips for a Better Night Sleep

1. Eat chocolate before 11 am and have caffeine as early in the morning as possible, preferably when you first wake up.

2. Be sure to massage the sleep and calming acupressure points very often. The two points behind your head are particularly good with promoting deeper sleep.


3. Hide all the clocks at night. Clocks can make you extra anxious, especially when you are focusing on how long it’s taken to fall asleep. I even put sticky tape over the clock on my phone, so I can’t see it.

4. Exercise at least an hour each day.

5. Be sure to take a shower about 2-3 hours before you sleep, this will help you feel squeaky clean, and your skin will be nice and smooth. I personally can’t sleep if I’m sticky from all the sweat during the day.

6. Give yourself at least one hour each night before you need to sleep, to do some reading and/or quiet activities, such as meditation. Be sure you are not reading anything that makes you want not to put it down!

7. If you can help it, try and keep your phone, iPad or laptop away from your bed after you’re ready to go to sleep.

8. If you get waken up by light early in the morning, use a sleeping mask to keep your eyes in the dark.


9. If possible, try and install curtains that are thick and dark, so that you can keep extra light out.

10. Use a white noise machine if you get disturbed by other sounds at night or in the morning. It’s brilliant for noisy neighbors, birds and even other people in your household who likes to get up early and talk loudly. If you don’t have one, feel free to use the fan or another device that makes constant noise. I like to turn the fan of the highest.

11. Keep cool while you’re in bed. If you are too hot, it can be harder to fall asleep.

12. Right before you go to bed, do some meditating for 15 minutes or so. You may wish to do 10 minutes sitting up and 5 minutes lying down, simply close your eyes, sit still and focus only on breathing in and out, or visualize clouds or another calm image in your mind, and try not to think about anything at that time. Meditation is brilliant in helping you clear your mind from worries and too many extra thoughts that could cause problems with sleeping.

Meditation for Sleep

13. Try to avoid drinking liquids 4-5 hours before bed, and limit soups, fruits and other foods with lots of water because it will probably make you wake up a million times to go to the toilet. Try and eat these foods and drink lots of water from when you first wake up.

14. Do some tapping exercises before bedtime. This works similar to meditation that you are focusing on getting the taps, so you may feel that you’re slowly dozing off.

(Tap once between the thumb and index finger, twice between the thumb and pinky, three times between the thumb and

15. Take magnesium and calcium supplements if you are not eating enough foods with them, as they both have calming abilities.

16. If you wake up in the middle of the night, try not to turn on any lights or do too much, as that would wake you up even more.

17. If your windows are open, you may wish to close them before dawn as that’s usually the time that birds are very loud and may wake you up.

18. When you wake up in the morning, get at least 10 minutes of sunlight directly in your eyes as early as you can. This will help reset your body clock (circadian rhythm).

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