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How can you tell someone’s jealous of you?

Perhaps it’s your friend, colleague, sibling, or partner even. Maybe they’re harboring the most significant envy towards you, cursing you every moment and yet you had no idea at all. Jealousy is such a powerful emotion, and it is so common that I’m sure that we’ve all felt it at …

How to Handle Love Relationships?

Everybody knows it is painful to break up the relationships! Sometimes it is too painful! But there is no reason to cry over the old date it is better to leave it in the past. The good thing is to work on the mistakes and move on! Love does not …

Living in a real Fairy Tale? Is it Possible?

Many people live in a Fairy Tale doing their daily activities in life. Those persons might be you and me, that stranger over there, your child, parent, friend or colleague, or anybody else. It is neither necessary to have a magic stick, be a rich inheritor – prince/princess or a …