Living in a real Fairy Tale? Is it Possible?

Many people live in a Fairy Tale doing their daily activities in life. Those persons might be you and me, that stranger over there, your child, parent, friend or colleague, or anybody else.

It is neither necessary to have a magic stick, be a rich inheritor – prince/princess or a king/queen, nor to be a millionaire/billionaire. I will tell you what my recipe for making my life is like a daily Fairy Tale with no end is.

I will tell you my Fairy Tale in short, and then I will make some conclusions and summarize some tips…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was 7 years old. She was dreaming of very many things in life. She wanted to become rich and have enough money to feed poor people and homeless animals. She wanted to become a fashion designer, to have a happy life filled with love surrounded by good people. She wanted to live in a beautiful house with a magic garden with flowers, trees in a mountain village on the river. She wanted to meet her Prince, the real Love of her life and make all her dreams come true. She was writing all that she has ever wanted in her Dearest Diary. Her Diary was her best friend…

Of course, the little girls started to grow up very soon and started to forget easily about all her dreams. She faced cruel people, was disappointed with reality and understood that she would never be a real Princess with her own Kingdom. After all the pain and sufferings in her life as an “adult” person, she was hopeless and did not know what to do…

But very soon, she finally decided to revive and get back to that happy little 7 years old girl she used to be in the past. And after an overview of her life, she was truly surprised! It turned out that she was blind to realize before that she had achieved all her dreams but not as globally as she wanted! How this happened and why she could not see it before?

  • She could not build an orphanage but could give some food and clothes to orphanages or poor people;
  • She could not take care of all homeless animals, but feed a few dogs and cats living around her place;
  • She did not become a famous fashion designer of luxury clothing with his own studio but graduated from college and could prepare clothes for herself and her folks and friends;
  • She did not found a real Prince with a Title and Kingdom but met a very nice boy who took good care of her and gave her more love and positive feelings that she has ever dream of;
  • She did not have a super shiny and expensive house with a huge garden but had a small house in the mountain with a small piece of garden, and the place needed a lot of repairs;

Maybe we all achieved in life more than we can even imagine. Maybe sometimes, we want too much from ourselves and concentrate on our big goals so much that we become blind and miss to acknowledge our “insignificant” daily achievements and “small” dreams that came true.

Here is the recipe for making our Fairy Tale a real fact in our daily activities?

  • To respect and keep a child alive inside us – it never stops dreaming, it is always happy, careless, filled with passion and certain that dreams can be as real as me and You are, because reality tomorrow is being created today by Your thoughts and writings;
  • To have a Diary or a private Notebook – to write down every wish, every dream and every thought that inspires You, write down every small detail about every goal You set Yourself in life, write down every dream You have, make detailed lists of “pros and cons” when You have to make a decision, write down character traits of the beloved Princess / Prince You want to attract and have next to You in life, write down detailed description of the perfect Job and career You are seeking after, etc. Of course, if something cannot be expressed in words then paint it on a picture in colors in a sincere way coming out from Your soul, it will help Your mind get it in real easier;
  • To make “small” good things for other people because everyone deserves to be happy – the more people are good and help each other via “small” actions, the better and the stronger will be the power of Love and God, thus Universe and Nature will also support us in our daily activities, they will be blessed with power, sincerity, and Magic in every sphere of our life;
  • To pay attention to all Your achievements and goals achieved in life – no matter how insignificant they may look on the outside, every “small” action done by You is blessed with a personal emotion and feeling, energy, enthusiasm, strength and can make a great difference in the world, always notice the “small” fairy daily miracles;
  • To understand that it depends on us to have our real Fairy Tale in life – Life itself is the greatest Miracle which God and Universe gave us – we are breathing now, we can see with our eyes, we can touch the keyboard and sense a lot of feelings, we can walk and run, have fun and smile with our beloved family and friends, we are free to choose which direction in life is ours – the good or the bad one.

Life of every person is unique and beautiful in his own way because we are all creatures of God and the unlimited Magic power of the Universe. Let’s notice small miracles and magic surrounding us all the time, let’s open our eyes – the eyes of our heart and soul – and let’s remember that if You and me can do our own Fairy Tales came true in real life, then very many other people have the opportunity to do the same. Suddenly the world would have become a nicer place to live, and Life everywhere would be a real Fairy Tale.

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