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How to build Self Confidence

I saw a video on confidence lately, and it has inspired me to make a post of my own, mainly because through my experiences, I can share some tips that work for me. History Confidence for me has always been a struggle. I’m a shy person by nature and get …
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Take a Family Hike

One of our family traditions is a hike to the summit of Stone Mountain. We make the pilgrimage each year. While it is not a traditional mountain in the sense that it’s not a part of a mountain range, it is quite a hike nonetheless. Stone Mountain is a giant …

The Lessons I Learned when Having No Money

I finally received my salary on Tuesday, January 12. Before this was 2 weeks of holidays with no money at all. That was my personal financial crisis. It is not like I lost a job or something. I have two jobs. One is covering my rent (accommodations is too expensive …