How to Handle Love Relationships?

Everybody knows it is painful to break up the relationships! Sometimes it is too painful! But there is no reason to cry over the old date it is better to leave it in the past. The good thing is to work on the mistakes and move on! Love does not end up after the break-up! It is still in your heart! So be ready to handle new relations.

Just think about your actions toward him! Do they make him want to stay? Or could you be doing something that makes him want to leave? Check out the following points and learn them well before getting into a new relationship.

1. Stop holding on to him too tightly

We know that all relationships need room for change as nobody is perfect. So why do you demand that he change according to how you want him to be? Admittedly, women beg and push their men to do things that could spice up the relationship a little bit. You can do that sometimes, and it works; do it frequently, and you would be deemed a nagger and someone who chokes her man enough for him to leave you.

Think about the kind of love that you shared when you began your relationship. If you want to go back towards that kind of love, choking him is not the answer. What you can do instead is to create an environment in the relationship that is conducive for growth. You may want to pave the way for him to realize that he too has a say in the relationship if you do that, he will definitely love you more.

2. Stop demeaning him

The truth is there will really be times when the men screw things up. But demeaning him frequently will make him believe that you are too good for him.

No one wants to feel that he is worthless, but you are making him feel that way if you say things like “You screwed things up!”, “What on earth made you do that?” or “Can’t you see that you are doing it wrong?”. Hurting him this way will really make him leave you to nurse your wounds alone.

3. Learn to stand on your own

This is not about women who choose to live alone without sharing their lives with men, but about the woman who is successful in her chosen field, secured emotionally and yet finds the correct balance in spending quality time with her man.

Women who learned to stand on their own are attractive to men who are equally successful because they know that women like this do not need much maintenance. They can both enjoy their time together because he knows that she will not be bothered by the little things.

Think about the points I shared, and you will have better chances of making sure that you stay safe and secure in his arms.

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