Foods That May Cause Congestion

Every one of us has sometimes experienced that feeling of having a clogged nose, and this is not always a result of a cold or allergies, but it can be triggered by the food we’ve been eating. Below you can see the list of foods that could cause a stuffy nose, so you can check which ones you eat the most and reduce or eliminate them from your regular diet if in case you are experiencing congestion regularly.

Refined Sugar. Significant amounts could refined sugar cause inflammation, and our body will respond to that with increased mucus production, which is what makes that problem of feeling congested.

Spicy Food. Eating spicy food in large amounts can also lead to nasal congestion, those foods can increase the production of histamine (an immune response), and the tissue in the nose swells as the capillaries dilate. Creation of more mucus can make the nose feel both runny and swollen. When congestion is a typical problem for you, and you don’t give up from eating a lot of spicy food, you really should consider for lowering the amounts of spicy meals, and the result might probably be that your nose will clear up!

Milk. In some individuals, dairy products, especially whole milk, leads to a response that involves the thickening of the mucus and usually can rise in the production of the substance as well. The goal for mucus is to pick up the dust and allergens after which usually eject them, however, this thickened version will move gradually via the body, making it possible for the allergens to stay for a longer time than they should. The rest of the body then picks up the allergens, and congestion might be the consequence of the body’s immune response. Cheese is also a dairy product and could be the cause of your nasal congestion.

Tomatoes. This vegetable can also be the cause of congestion, since it may also produce more histamine just like spices. The acidity of the juice will probably boost congestion for those who have acid reflux problems, for the reason that the acid traveling through the throat will cause the tissues to swell and mucus will get stuck to it.

Bananas, Strawberries, and Papayas. All of them are fruits that could cause histamine responses for some people, and that will lead to nasal congestion. But, this kind of a reaction is not going to happen for everybody, so you need to avoid these foods only if the body is reacting negatively to them – otherwise, they have other health benefits that should not be missed out!

Ice Cream. Similarly like milk, ice cream may bring about nasal congestion due to the fact it is a dairy product and possesses the protein casein, which may cause inflammation as the mucus thickens. Once again, that is not the case with everyone, which means you don’t need to miss out on this treat unless you know it is the cause of your stuffy nose.

Nuts. Yes, nuts belong to this group of food that can cause a blocked nose, but why is that so? Well because nuts are pro-histamine and therefore, often induce allergic responses – the result is a boost in mucus flow to flush out the irritating substance and swelling of the tissues, especially the nose, causing the stuffy feeling.

The conclusion is that if allergies or a cold are not the cause for you to feel clogged, then you need to detect which of these foods is causing this problem, and then eliminate that food from your diet.

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