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20+ Super Easy Vegan Cake Recipes: Vegan Desserts

You can definitely have your vegan cake and eat it too with these delicious vegan cake recipes! From chocolate, vanilla, Funfetti to cheesecake, there is something for everyone. 20 Vegan Cake Recipes Below we’ve rounded up 20 delicious vegan cake recipes you can make. To view the full instructions for …
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25+ Crockpot Recipes: Easy Crockpot Meals

Crockpot recipes are really so simple to make. You just prep a few ingredients, dump it in your crockpot and forget it. You can make SO many things in a crockpot – from soup to brownies. Crockpot Recipes for Lunch and Dinner Below we’ve rounded up 25+ yummy crockpot recipes. …
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10 Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies everyone has their favorite, the one you buy in the mall or perhaps your grandmother’s recipe? This classic American cookie is a treat no matter what the age or occasion. How could we go without those delicious chocolate chip cookies with crispy edges, …