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8 Habits That Can Make Your Hair Fall

It’s never too late to save your hair and your head from going bald. Just stay away from these 8 habits which could make your hair fall.

Not Eating Enough Protein. Hair is approximately 90 percent protein, so protein malnutrition causes your body to ration protein by halting hair growth and making hair thin and brittle. Minerals such as Iron and zinc are other nutrients important for healthy hair because they are needed for the growth of hair follicles.

Using Hot Styling Tools. Using hair straighteners or hair dryers can damage the protein that constitutes hair as well as the protective cuticle that surrounds it. Cuticle damage interrupts the hair’s moisture balance, which can lead to weak hair. Chemically treated hair or damp hair is usually susceptible to heat damage.

Tying Hair Too Tightly. Some hairstyles have an effect on hair fall, namely tight hairstyles put tension on follicles of hair, and that can lead to weakening hair progressively.

Taking Hot Showers. Keep in mind that steamy water can wash the hair’s natural protective oils which result with dehydrating and weakening of the hair. More pressure is put on follicles of hair to generate more fat, and this can damage the roots and end up with hair loss.

Being Constantly Stressed. Stress brings about physical changes that activate too much hair to get into the rest phase. Excessive hair loss that occurs due to the stress is nonpermanent, and healthy growth of hair is restored shortly after the stress is alleviated.

Mistreatment of Wet Hair. Whenever your hair is wet, each of the strand’s cuticles is moderately raised, making hair really prone to breakage. Brushing your hair while you are in the shower and harshly drying hair with a rough towel are two samples of mistreatment of wet hair that can trigger increased hair loss.

Too Much Sun Exposure. Ultraviolet light from the sun is not just harmful to the skin, but it also is harmful to the hair. The ultraviolet light can weaken the cuticle layers in the hair. Very long sun exposure of your hair can often lead to brittle, weak, dry, and discolored hair.

Taking Certain Medications. Certain medications are harmful to follicles of hair and cause temporary hair loss. These include beta-blockers, blood thinners, female hormones, and oral contraceptive pills, male hormones, anti-depressants, and vitamin A.

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