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30+ Super Easy Pizza Recipes You’ll Never Order In Again

Skip takeout with these delicious homemade pizza recipes. There is something for everyone in these 30+ super easy pizza recipes!

30+ Homemade Pizza Recipes Pretty – Simple – Sweet.

Below we’ve rounded up 30+ yummy pizza recipes.

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1. Vegan Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Fresh sliced jalapenos, smoky, salty, sweet mushroom bacon, vegan mozzarella, and cheddar.

Hot and bubbly and amazing!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Vegan Jalapeno Popper Pizza


2. Butternut Squash Pizza

This is a vegan and gluten-free recipe.

A colorful and healthy recipe that’s simple enough for a weeknight dinner (with time-saving shortcuts included!).

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Butternut Squash Pizza


3. Chicken Taco Pizza

Chicken Taco Pizza will steal the dinner time show! Loaded with seasoned chicken, refried beans, cheese and more.

This pizza will always be a hit whenever you serve it!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Chicken Taco Pizza


4. Hummus Pizza With Veggies

Instead of tomato sauce, you spread hummus on the pizza dough.

You then added spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and red onion.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Hummus Pizza With Veggies


5. Chicken Pesto Pizza

Homemade chicken pesto pizza with the crispiest crust, loads of walnut pesto and a kick from pepper jack cheese.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Chicken Pesto Pizza


6. Olive Pizza Appetizer

This Olive Pizza Appetizer is such an easy and fantastic appetizer for a party or get-together.

This appetizer recipe is an olive lover’s dream!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Olive Pizza Appetizer


7. Honey Chipotle Chicken Pizza

This delicious homemade honey chipotle chicken pizza is perfect for using leftover baked chipotle chicken, or just because you want a gourmet pizza to share with friends.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Honey Chipotle Chicken Pizza


8. Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Spinach Pizza

This is a topping combination you simply have to try!

Even if you don’t love onions you will most likely still love this pizza.

Since the onions are caramelized it really just tones down that harsh bite they can have.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Spinach Pizza


9. Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pizza

Dress up your pizza with something a little different in this Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pizza.

It’s elegant. It’s simple. And it’s totally delicious!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pizza


10. Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Switch up pizza night with this homemade bbq chicken pizza recipe!

With barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken, bacon, and cilantro, this barbecue chicken pizza will be a new family favorite.

Best of all, it’s made in less than 20 minutes!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Barbecue Chicken Pizza


11. Grilled Pizzas

This Grilled Pizzas recipe and tutorial is for homemade pizzas (including homemade pizza crust) that are cooked on the grill!

They take traditional pizza to a whole new level!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Grilled Pizzas


12. Just Peachy Pizza

This Just Peachy Pizza uses summer peaches to the best advantage with goat cheese, basil, gorgonzola, and a balsamic drizzle that ties everything together.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Just Peachy Pizza


13. Bruschetta Chicken Alfredo Pizza

This Bruschetta Chicken Alfredo Pizza is a little taste of Italy, right in your own kitchen!

Packed with delicious flavor and ready in under 30 minutes, this pizza is perfect for family night, date night, or a fun night with friends!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Bruschetta Chicken Alfredo Pizza


14. Pesto, Feta, And Veggie Pizza

Treat yourself to this Pesto, Feta, and Veggie Pizza … it’s loaded with amazing flavors that are impossible to resist!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Pesto, Feta, And Veggie Pizza


15. Supreme Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast doesn’t have to mean cold leftovers.

This easy 30-minute Supreme Breakfast Pizza recipe is built on a buttery crescent crust and is loaded with anything and everything your hungry morning belly can imagine!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Supreme Breakfast Pizza


16. Cast Iron Pizza

Making homemade pizza has never been easier.

Cooking in cast iron gives the pizza a crunchy outer crust.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Cast Iron Pizza


17. Prosciutto, Fig, and Arugula Pizza Recipe

Savory prosciutto, fig, and arugula pizza topped with freshly sliced mozzarella cheese, fig jam, and fresh arugula.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Prosciutto, Fig, and Arugula Pizza Recipe


18. Vegan Jamaican Jerk Pizza

Pizza topped with crispy tempeh sausage tossed in jerk sauce, pineapple, red onion, and vegan cheese.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Vegan Jamaican Jerk Pizza


19. Spinach & Tomato Ranch Pizza

Easy Homemade Pizza is the perfect weeknight meal or game day appetizer!

Load it up with Spinach, Tomatoes, and Ranch for a delicious pizza!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Spinach & Tomato Ranch Pizza


20. Vegan Pesto Zucchini And Pineapple Pizza

Are you looking for the ultimate summer pizza recipe to round out the summer?

Well, look no further because here it is. Say hello to this delicious Vegan Pesto Zucchini and Pineapple Pizza.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Vegan Pesto Zucchini And Pineapple Pizza


21. Tandoori Lamb Pizza

This pizza is loaded with fantastic tandoori flavor and ground lamb, giving it an authentic edge and creating one big burst of flavors all on one pizza.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Tandoori Lamb Pizza


22. Spicy Sausage Pizza

Skip take-out pizza and make it at home instead!

Spicy Sausage Pizza is loaded with so much flavor that will be a hit with everyone in your family.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Spicy Sausage Pizza


23. Sweet & Spicy Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza

Whip up this beyond-words-delicious Sweet-&-Spicy Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza the easy way for your next pizza party.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Sweet & Spicy Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza


24. Pear, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Pizza

Pears, prosciutto, and Gorgonzola are the perfect sweet and salty pairings in this grown-up pizza!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Pear, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Pizza


25. Thai Chicken Pizza

This copycat of California Pizza Kitchen’s Thai Chicken Pizza will be a hit with lovers of sweet and spicy food.

It has diced chicken tossed in a spicy peanut sauce flavored with ginger, honey, sesame oil, and oyster sauce.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Thai Chicken Pizza


26. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo chicken pizza made with fresh mozzarella and buffalo sauce.

You can use crispy fried chicken slices, grilled chicken, or simply sauté chicken on the stove top in a little buffalo sauce.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Buffalo Chicken Pizza


27. Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

Hot sizzling Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Pizza with fresh pineapple and bacon… Heaven!

This pizza consists of chopped chicken, fresh pineapple chunks, crisp salty bacon, and scallions.

This simple blend of flavors creates and fusion of intrigue for your taste buds with very little effort.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Pizza


28. Pretzel Crust Pizza

Chewy pretzel-crust pizza is all the rage!

This recipe is very easy to make and makes better-than-delivery pizza you’ll make again and again.

Warning: you may never go back to traditional pizza crust after trying this!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Pretzel Crust Pizza


29. White Mushroom Pizza

The BEST pizza for all cheese and mushroom lovers!

Loaded with 2 types of cheese and garlic herb sautéed mushrooms!! AMAZING.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: White Mushroom Pizza


30. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

Midweek meals just easier and tastier with this chicken cordon bleu pizza.

Made with a Stonefire crust, Jones Dairy Farms Canadian Bacon, pre-cooked grilled chicken, alfredo, mozzarella, and parsley.

It is easy, tasty, and something the whole family will love.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza


31. Crab Rangoon Pizza

This crab wonton pizza with sweet & sour drizzle is Chinese food and pizza in 1!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Crab Rangoon Pizza


32. Grilled BBQ Lentil Pizza

No matter the time of year, pizza always hits the spot!

What better way to get your BBQ and pie cravings covered, than with this Grilled BBQ Lentil Pizza?

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Grilled BBQ Lentil Pizza


33. Smoked Beef Brisket Pizza

A perfect use for leftover smoked beef brisket. Smoked Brisket Pizza.

A great treat for parties or a fun dinner.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Smoked Beef Brisket Pizza


34. Best Homemade Margherita Pizza

You’ll want to make this homemade pizza recipe over and over again.

If you want to save time this pizza dough can be prepared and frozen ahead of time.

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Best Homemade Margherita Pizza


35. Shrimp Scampi Pizza

A quick, easy and divinely tasty shrimp pizza in a garlic butter sauce!

You really just can’t go wrong with shrimp in a butter and garlic sauce and it’s so quick and easy to make!

Usually, it’s served over pasta but it’s also great in pizza form!

35 Homemade Pizza Recipes: Shrimp Scampi Pizza


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