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25+ Soft & Chewy Cookie Bars: Delicious Cookie Bar Recipes

If you haven’t tried magic cookie bars yet, you are missing out. If you want to make a delicious dessert, here are 25 magical magic cookie bars you can choose from.

25+ Magic Cookie Bars

Below we’ve rounded up 25 magic cookie bars for you to enjoy.

To view the full instructions for any of these magic cookie bars, please follow the link below the picture.

1. Chocolate Raspberry Magic Bars

These Chocolate Raspberry Magic Bars are a little slice of heaven!

They are really easy to make, and the variety of flavors and textures is irresistible!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Chocolate Raspberry Magic Bars


2. Snickers Seven Layer Bars

Magic bars with an Oreo crust, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate all covered with the always heavenly sweetened condensed milk.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Snickers Seven Layer Bars


3. Pretzel Magic Bars

Similar to those retro seven-layer magic bars we all love and easily devour, this version is made with favorite bar snacks, like salty pretzels and crunchy peanuts, instead of coconut and graham crackers.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Pretzel Magic Bars


4. Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars With Strawberry

These chocolate paleo magic cookie bars have a sweet strawberry swirl and are so easy to make!

They’re a healthy, gluten-free remake of the classic recipe that everyone will love!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Chocolate Paleo Magic Cookie Bars With Strawberry


5. Magic Eight Bars

These magic cookie bars have 3 kinds of chocolate chips. Yum!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Magic Eight Bars


6. Death by Chocolate Magic Cookie Bars

Chewy, Chocolate Magic Cookie Bars are a huge hit with my family!

These are topped with a delicious fudge sauce and can be prepared and baked in just half an hour. It is one of the most amazing rich chocolaty things you will ever make!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Death by Chocolate Magic Cookie Bars


7. Paleo Magic Cookie Bars

These Paleo Magic Cookie Bars are just as rich and delicious as the classic seven layer bars you know and love!

This gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free version has an almond flour crust and homemade coconut milk caramel.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Paleo Magic Cookie Bars


8. S’mores Magic Cookie Bars

S’mores magic cookie bars are gooey magic bars with a s’mores twist.

They’ve got all the flavors of a toasty s’more without the fire!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: S’mores Magic Cookie Bars


9. Strawberries And Cream Magic Bars

These Strawberries and Cream Magic Bars are pure magic. Made with fresh strawberries and a sugar cookie layer, they are seriously amazing!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Strawberries And Cream Magic Bars


10. Dark Chocolate Cranberry Magic Bars

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Magic Bars are a symphony of flavors and textures, perfect for the holiday baking season!

Easy to make and beyond delicious!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Dark Chocolate Cranberry Magic Bars


11. Peanut Butter Cup Magic Cookie Bars

These gooey and addicting bars are a peanut butter lovers dream!

Check out all SIX layers of chocolate and peanut butter! These are the best Magic Cookie Bars you will ever sink your teeth into.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Peanut Butter Cup Magic Cookie Bars


12. Oreo Magic Bars Recipe

If you need an easy dessert that is sure to be a hit, try Oreo Magic Bars Recipe.

These Magic Bars are a tasty twist on traditional magic bars.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Oreo Magic Bars Recipe


13. 7 Layer Magic Cookie Bars

Graham cracker crust, shredded coconut, pecans, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips drowned in a sea of sweetened condensed milk: 7 layers of pure heaven!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: 7 Layer Magic Cookie Bars


14. Carrot Cake Magic Bars

Do you like Carrot Cake? These Carrot Cake Magic Bars are a quick and easy treat to serve after Easter dinner.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Carrot Cake Magic Bars


15. Chocolate Brownie Magic Bars

These brownie magic cookie bars are not only divine but colorful too!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Chocolate Brownie Magic Bars


16. Dude Food Magic Bars

The bottom crust is made with crushed pretzels, then they’re layered with crispy bacon, dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, and crushed potato chips, then finally they’re drenched in salted caramel sauce.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Dude Food Magic Bars


17. Lucky Charms Magic Bars

These Lucky Charms Magic Bars are a magical dessert for everyone!

Filled with Nilla wafers, marshmallows and coconut, these make for a quick snack and the perfect way to catch a leprechaun.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Lucky Charms Magic Bars


18. Walt Disney World Magic Cookie Bars

The crust is a little thicker than other bars the pecans give it the perfect amount of flavor, and the sprinkles-well it is Disney. Did you expect anything else?

If you like magic cookie bars you are going to LOVE these!!!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Walt Disney World Magic Cookie Bars


19. Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars

Sometimes you just crave a magic bar: the gooey sweetened condensed milk and chocolate and sweet flavors.

Sometimes you just crave an oatmeal cookie: sweet and chewy, cinnamony and soft.

Now? You can have both. Because I made you Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Oatmeal Cookie Magic Bars


20. Red Velvet Cookies n Cream Magic Bars

They’re totally dreamy red velvet bars topped with crushed Oreos, melty cookies n cream chocolate, and sprinkles.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Red Velvet Cookies n Cream Magic Bars


21. Gingerbread Magic Cookies

Love magic cookies? Then you’ll go crazy for this gingerbread Christmas version of the classic!

That’s right, it’s Gingerbread Magic Cookies, complete with a gingerbread crust, cinnamon chips, and white chocolate.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Gingerbread Magic Cookies


22. Thin Mint Magic Cookie Bars

These thin mint magic cookie bars are inspired by girl scout cookies.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Thin Mint Magic Cookie Bars


23. York Mint Magic Bars Recipe

York Mint Magic Bars are easy to make with a mix cake crust.

This cookie bars recipe is sweet and gooey with a bit of crunchy mint on top.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: York Mint Magic Bars Recipe


24. Cinnamon Sugar White Chocolate Crunch Bars

They are filled with so much cinnamon and sugar it is delightfully sinful.

If you like cinnamon toast crunch, you will love these.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Cinnamon Sugar White Chocolate Crunch Bars


25. Pumpkin Magic Bars

7 layers bars are given a fun pumpkin twist with this delicious recipe for pumpkin magic bars.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Pumpkin Magic Bars


26. Candy Corn Magic Bars

These Candy Corn Magic Bars are perfect for Halloween!

They have a graham cracker crust and are topped with white chocolate and peanut butter chips, coconut, and candy corn!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Candy Corn Magic Bars


27. Lemon Magic Bars

These magic bars start with a lemon cake mix dough that is pressed into a pan.

Then in true magic bar fashion, there are five layers of ingredients baked into the cake mix crust.

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Lemon Magic Bars


28. Milky Way Magic Bars

Milky Way Magic Bars! These Magic Bars come together so easily and they are so ooey gooey delicious!

28 Magic Cookie Bars: Milky Way Magic Bars


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