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20 Easy Easter Dessert Ideas – Cute Easter Desserts

No matter your age, Easter desserts are always fun to make – and eat of course! These fun and festive Easter dessert ideas will make a great addition to your table this year.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas

Below we’ve rounded up 20 Easter Desserts.

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1. Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies

Simple lemon cake mix cookies decorated to look like Easter chicks.

These Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies are ridiculously easy and quick to make!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Chicks Lemon CookiesFrom:

2. Easter Mini Lemon Tarts

Looking for Easter dessert you can make this year?
From Easter cupcakes, cookies to cakes, you won’t run out of ideas to make.

Have fun with these Easter Mini Lemon Tarts.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Mini Lemon TartsFrom:

3. Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies

Soft, chewy cookies, topped with a chocolate candy.

What cookie could be better than that?

These cookies are a delicious treat and perfect for Easter.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Blossom Sugar CookiesFrom:

4. Easter Cookie Cake

Easter cookie cakes are packed full of Easter candy!

Whether you whip up this Easter Cookie Cake recipe before or after the holiday, I guarantee it won’t last long!

This easy dessert is like a giant chocolate chip cookie on steroids.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Cookie CakeFrom:

5. Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee Recipe

You’ll love this amazing recipe, it’s perfect for Easter and it’s pretty too, the perfect dessert to bring to any Easter lunch.

I promise you won’t regret making this fantastic Easter Crack Recipe and the whole family will love this recipe.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee RecipeFrom:

6. Old Fashioned Easter Egg Candy

Don’t be alarmed by the mashed potatoes that the recipe calls for, they are a critical ingredient that I was skeptical of at first, but you’ll never be able to even tell that they’re mixed in the filling!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Old Fashioned Easter Egg CandyFrom:

7. Rice Krispie Nests

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Easter dessert, or a fun Easter activity to keep the kids busy, these Rice Krispie Nests are a delicious choice!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Rice Krispie NestsFrom:

8. Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

These delicious carrot cupcakes are smooth and moist with a delicious tangy cream cheese frosting!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese FrostingFrom:

9. Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Make these Easter Egg Sugar Cookies for Easter!

They’re soft, chewy and so delicious!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Egg Sugar CookiesFrom:

10. Pistachio Pudding Easter Parfaits

These pistachio pudding dessert parfaits are as adorable as they are delicious.

If you need quick and easy Easter desserts, look no further than these no-bake pudding cups with homemade white chocolate bunnies, eggs, and coconut grass!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Pistachio Pudding Easter ParfaitsFrom:

11. Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny Cupcakes are super adorable and they could not be easier to make.

How great will these look on your Easter Dessert table this year?

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Bunny CupcakesFrom:

12. Easter Popcorn Recipe

This Easter Popcorn recipe is the perfect compromise between a sweet or savory snack to enjoy while celebrating the holiday.

The pastel gourmet chocolate covered popcorn is quite easy to prepare and kids will enjoy helping to make it.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Popcorn RecipeFrom:

13. Bird Nest Cookies

Vegan, gluten-free, bird nest cookies are a fun Easter treat and can be made free of dairy, nuts, and gluten so they are the perfect Easter dessert for kids with Allergies.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Bird Nest CookiesFrom:

14. Easter Muddy Buddies

These Easter Muddy Buddies are perfect for an Easter snack or Easter dessert.

This recipe will quickly become one of your favorite puppy chow recipes!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Muddy BuddiesFrom:

15. Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups

The “carrots” are obviously just strawberries dipped in orange candy melts.

They’re like sophisticated mini dirt cakes minus the gummy worms.

These would be so cute on an Easter dessert table.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding CupsFrom:

16. Easter Pink Velvet Cheesecake Trifle

A sweet and easy Easter trifle made with pink velvet cake, cheesecake mousse, and Peeps marshmallows.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Pink Velvet Cheesecake TrifleFrom:

17. Easter Oreo Bark

Make this easy and delicious Easter Oreo Bark Recipe in less than 5 minutes.

It’s a simple and irresistible Easter dessert idea that’s perfect for a crowd!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Oreo BarkFrom:

18. Peeps Pretzel Rods

Here is a fun little Easter snack you can make with your kids or surprise them with an extra cute treat in their Easter baskets!

These Peeps Pretzel Rods are really so easy to make and will be a huge hit in your house!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Peeps Pretzel RodsFrom:

19. Pretzel Bunnies And Ducks

These pretzel bunnies and ducks are a cute and super easy Easter treat idea.

They take less than 20 minutes to make, and are sure to bring out some smiles!

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Pretzel Bunnies And DucksFrom:

20. Bunny Butt Pretzels

How cute are these Peanut Butter Bunny Butt Pretzels?
Each bite-sized Easter treat is salty and sweet and so much fun to eat.

20 Easter Dessert Ideas: Bunny Butt PretzelsFrom:

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