10 Ways to Make Life Happier

1. Go through something old and nostalgic, whether it’s to take out everything in the old chest you’ve had for 10 years, or go through your old hard drive with folders you’ve had since you were young and look at the stuff inside it, and it may just take you back to a special time in your life that makes you feel really amazing.

2. Take at least 30 minutes to go outside, do nothing but walk or sit somewhere, feel the sunshine and stare at the trees and sky and think about nothing in particular. This time is often the most happiest time of the day where I feel inner peace and happiness without any reason.

3. Get enough sleep! If you didn’t manage to do that, have a long and well deserved nap!

4. Get in contact with someone you’ve wanted to for a while, whether it’s an old friend, relative or even teacher. One of the things that will bring you so much joy is writing a heartfelt message to them with gratitude and how much you love and appreciate them.

5. Go somewhere new in your own town. Go check out the beach, or a new cafe you wanted to try out, or a new mall.

6. Watch something really funny, or nostalgic. Perhaps it’s of someone playing a video game and has amazingly funny commentaries, or a show you used to watch as a kid.

7. Plan a vacation. Travel somewhere and enjoy the new world you discover! It may sound like a dangerous yet fun journey, but in reality, it is so much more. In time, it will be a great memory to look back on and you may meet wonderful new people and learn a lot of things you never knew.

8. Do a combination of things that truly makes your day, such as listening to music in the soft breeze outside while blogging your favourite topic and spending the afternoon with a special someone.

9. If you are a creative person, go somewhere beautiful and take some photos, then write about them. Or, you may want to just enjoy the magical scenery!

10. The first thing to do when you wake up is list all the things you are so excited to have in your life, count all your blessings and make sure you don’t leave any out. You may want to write them down, or take a photo.

These are 10 things that really makes me happy, if you can think of more things, please let me know!

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